10 Ways to Make Social Escort Fall in Love with You

Let me show you 10 ways to make social escort fall in love with you

A social escort is a woman who provides companionship to the people hiring them and in exchange of that they are presented with a hand full of cash or a signed check with a high amount. The thing to note here is that they are different from prostitutes or call girls or escorts who are solely meant for satisfying the sexual needs of their customers and for their service they are given some monetary compensation.

There are many who confuse social escort with prostitutes or brothel workers. But this is a very wrong notion. They are not associated with any brothel and neither are they seen standing on the sidelines of any red light area street waiting for someone to pick them up for some, body-rubbing fun. Rather, they are very confidential about the information they share and do not display their occupation to the general public. Their jobs are kept a complete secret by the social escort agencies who they are associated with.

Wherever you find your escort, research her

Does she have a website, does she have ads going back at least 6 months, does she have reviews (although some escorts do not like being reviewed)? Google her name and phone number or email before contacting her. Also expect her to want to screen your for her own safety; be respectful and provide whatever info she requires.

Be on time, or call if you will be more than 10 minutes late

Unless you are giving notice of a time change well in advance, expect to pay for the time you missed. If your 60 minute date was supposed to start at 7 and you get there at 7:15, STILL LEAVE AT 8. Please respect the escort’s time and schedule, and don’t linger. Even if the escort genuinely enjoyed the time with you, it is annoying and awkward if you overstay. If you want more time, ask and if she says yes, expect to pay for it at the rate previously discussed.

Money first always!

If you must refer to it at any time, call it a gift. Do not hand the money directly to her, set it down where she can see it, or wherever you were told to beforehand, (often by the sink in the bathroom).

Don’t feel like you need to blow her mind sexually

While noble, and very sweet, she is there for you. Do not hold back at the beginning because you want to last for her, this often ends in not being able to finish at all. Which nobody wants. You can take care of her after if you enjoy that, but no pressure here either.

She will not be offended if you need to leave right after

Whether you need to get back to work, or just aren’t into idle chit-chat and cuddling, do your thing. She will enjoy the extra down-time. If you have a genuine rapport or chemistry, or if you are just enjoying the company and a break from real life, then stay the whole time! She will be happy either way.


Always tip. No one care if it’s $20 or $200, tip your escort. Unless she was terrible. Tipping lets the woman know that you liked her and that you appreciate her time and effort. This is especially important if you want to see the escort again. If you went for a twofer, then tip extra well!

Always be clean!

Very very clean. If you just came from work or whatever, take a quick shower at the location. You don’t want to be known as the ‘Smegma-Guy’.

Bring wine or a gift

Escorts love this and you will go right to the front of the line, hopefully. Wine can help to get you both relaxed and comfortable, and is a good social lubricant when you have to make all the magic happen in an hour or two. You can ask in advance what she likes, and don’t forget the glasses! Gift certificates are always a safe bet if you want to bring a gift, stores like Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body, etc. If you know the escort well, you may want to give her more personalized gifts like lingerie, jewelry, and perfume. If you really enjoy her company and can afford to do this, this is the best way to make her feel special. Remember she is on the clock though, and do not ever ask her to meet for free. That is a line neither of you should cross.

Embrace foreplay

Physiologically, experts agree that foreplay is an important part of sexual health. In fact, an Australian study found that the majority of women are more aroused by the idea of foreplay than sex itself. Hold, touch and caress your partner, play games or talk dirty. If you’re not sure what your woman likes, ask. Just do it outside the bedroom. It’s easier to have that conversation if you’re not just about to have sex.

Ask her if she would like to be reviewed

If yes, keep it simple, and do not fabricate. If you say she did something that she didn’t, other clients may expect that same service in the future.

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