China (中国; Zhōngguó), officially known as the People’s Republic of China (中华人民共和国 Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó) is a vast country in Asia (about the same size as the United States of America) with the world’s largest population.

With coasts on the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea, in total it borders 14 nations. It borders Afghanistan, Pakistan (through the disputed territory of Kashmir), India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam to the south; Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to the west; Russia and Mongolia to the north and North Korea to the east. This number of neighbouring states is equalled only by China’s vast neighbour to the north, Russia.

No Great Wall Barrier for Highly Social Escorts in China

China is a land of mystery even after having thrown open its economy to outside competition and tourism open to all people the world over. The same mystery you also often find in some of the highly social escorts in China. They indeed give good time worth remembering for many of the travelers from developed countries that visit the place regularly. Although there are numerous cheap to affordable escorts having their individual profile or running their business of entertainment through the help of authentic agencies, you need to be careful about being cheated or fleeced as a good percentage of these may not be worth it. You ought to check out first with a good reputed yet discreet website that carry the names of individual social escorts or make offers through an agency.

Get escorted around joyfully

Your female social escort of China would be the best person to show you around the large country full of architectural wonder and other mysteries. Even in the midst of confusing places your escort would know as to what to do and take you out of harms way easily enough. It is true that the country has grown by leaps and bounds yet there still remains a greater degree of free movement and free communication.

You must therefore book your escort who has an idea about the place and may be able to speak good English. No sign language would ease your efforts although if you are a little adventurous and wish to learn Chinese language you may take a little risk. But beware of being cheated as such escorts who do not have an agency to guide them or have no website tend to be quite remarkable in cheating you out of your money.

Choose a clever yet gentle escort

While determining as to what is best for you as you are traveling alone, you need to take certain factors into consideration. If you are traveling with your friends then make sure that each has an escort for asking your escort to entertain the others would land you in trouble. Remember, you may be watched round the clock by her able body guards.

If you feel like going alone with an escort then you have the freedom of choice and there would be many individual social escorts in China who would be willing to accompany and entertain you. She would surely give you the best time in the large country.

Having a good time may not mean only intercourse, but the process to enjoy the other beautiful around you enhances your own effort to have good sex. Most escorts therefore prefer to have things done slowly although there are those that would come cheap and finish off everything within an hour or two. Hence, it is very important to note as to what you would like to have while hiring your social escort.

Payment terms and meeting times

You must play your parts properly if you wish to have an excellent host cum social escorts during your visit to China. If you contact your companion through an agency then you may browse through the reviews posted by other customers and then choose wisely. You will be allowed to contact them on phone and may be available for chats too.

When you wished them well you must get down to business and make matters very clear to them and start by uploading your photograph and other authentic proof that you are no phony but genuine customer. When you have given some of your personal information she has specifically asked for as this is almost mandatory for your escort to know something about you, you may move on to ask some simple questions about boarding and lodgings.

She will answer to all your queries about the place where you propose to land and the ways and means of the people. If she is a high level social escort in China then she may be having her own apartment and you need to get clarity about the payment regarding them too. You must make sure that she differentiates between consolidated payment and single payments and the mode of payment procedure.

You may then agree to meet her at the destined flight so that she could pick you up in a cab.

Be very courteous to your companion

Your new found companion during your China visit has enough ways and means of knowing you and this means that she may even walk off if you try something that has not been explicitly agreed upon when you have booked your escort online. Remember, not to pay anything until the day when you depart. However, as far as your expenses are concerned you will have to bear for both.

This is not surprising as it is usually the male person who pays for everything and therefore you need to have budgeted for it before taking flight to China. However, the best part is that China may not be that expensive as there are several good restaurants and bars and clubs that your social escort would often suggest.

Behave properly and so would she and you will get the best of things at very affordable prices including the souvenirs and gifts that you wish to carry home with you.

Asking for special services

You ought to have made it clear at the very outset about any special service that you are expecting from your social escort in China. If not then you have no one, but yourself to blame for. You may however reject your escort outright if she has not the specialized services to give even after having promised the same to you online. You ought to be plain and candid about this too when you book her as an escort.

However, most of the higher level or slightly expensive social escorts having their own website keep to their words and do possess extra qualities. Some may give you some of the most rejuvenating massage you may have never experienced in your life before, while others may give you special foreplay techniques that can increase your orgasm.

The prices are slightly above for these yet it is surely worth it.

Common scams

The most frequent scams that happen in the Beijing are with the tourists who are often cheated upon by touts. Most of the female sex offenders constitute to be social escort in the country. It has also been observed that often the Chinese social escort who accompanies to the hotel rooms often takes away personal belongings and flee. In barber-shops often tourists are cheated without providing the full service for the paid money

How They Operate?

The social escort system in China is that of a seven tier system. The several tiers being:

  • Ernai or Second wives: They are the mistresses who have steady paying singular clients in exchange of their sexual favours and exclusivity. The payment occurs monthly. Often debated, whether they should be considered as prostitutes or not, they are engaged for their jobs via contracts which negate family life or romantic liaisons.
  • Baopo or Contracted wives: These sects of sex workers are generally posh escorts who provide company to influential guests or business partners. The general services baopo offers are same as ernai. The only difference is in the time span which is short. This practice in prostitution is often prevalent in committing bribery and corruption.
  • Peinu or Social Escort: The KTV hostesses form this category of escort girls. They do not offer sexual services explicitly. Their main job is to attract rich men in the KTVs and bars to keep the business running. In case which involves huge cash they often go back to the customer’s place for the night. These girls are usually posh and classy with singing abilities and are able to engage in pep-talk. Usually called “san pei xiaojie” – “three accompaniment girls” they are known to provide company to men for drinks, dances and songs.
  • Ding-dong xiaojie or Hotel girls: The hotel girls or ding-dong girls are those who present themselves to interested customers’ hotel room with a knock or a doorbell ring (hence called ding-dong girls). They usually operate by renting out rooms for themselves and seek potential clients via the hotel’s telecom. The niche is often taken by students from university.
  • Falangmei or Barbershop girls: These girls are found in barbershops or similar establishments like saunas, massage parlours, etc. They offer combination of sexual services along with the non-sexual ones like head massage, pedicure, manicure, foot massage, etc. In many hairdresser/massage shops actual sexual services are not offered. However, if one shell out enough cash cursory massage along with hand-job and blow-job is given. They are paid a basic salary by their employers and get the commission based on the number of clients entertained in a day.
  • Jienu or Street hookers: They are generally the street-walkers who solicit customers outside any recreational places like hotels and bars. The street hookers operate without a pimp unlike their Western counterparts. Usually they have a regular day-job.
  • Xiagongpeng or Work Shack Girls: The lowest tier consists of those who render sexual services to the migrant poor workers. They are often regarded as a “socially necessary phenomenon” where they fill in the void of sexual urge of these labourers that leave their wives miles away for a living. They can be seen functioning as public wives in migrant workers’ community where they are co-workers during the day and bed partners at night.
  • Apart from these above classifications there is another one often called as freelance prostitutes. They usually work in beauty parlours and are contacted via phone calls by various salon managers.

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