Chinese Social Escort

Introduction to Chinese social escort

Chinese social escorts they have a small petite body to die for and they are very independent. These ladies speak in both their local and some of the international languages. Most of these ladies when you take them out you should be ready to have their cuisines but there few of them who can have cuisines from other places. Some of the ladies will not accept to have anal sex because to them is a taboo and they do not prefer American men because to them they say they are well endowed and providing for them services tends to be painful. The following are some of the ways you may get a Chinese social escort while in China.

Through social escort agencies

There are pros and cons of contacting escort agencies. The pros are that the price of a social escort from an agency their prices are controlled hence you cannot be overpriced.  The prize is quite relative from one escort agent to another. The escort agencies they do allow call in escorts. A con of getting a social escort from an agent is that there rules you have to adhere to, for you to enjoy the company of the beautiful sexy ladies. Another disadvantage of using getting a girl from an escort agent is that you do not have the freedom to choose the girl you want. This is because the agent sends an escort who is readily available. As you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the girl might not be attractive to you.  There is time you might request a girl from an agent that is not trust worthy this leads you to be conned your money and at the end of it you will not receive the pleasure that you expected. Therefore you need to be keen during the whole process and cross your fingers hoping you get a sexy girl to be brought to your room.

Independent escort girls

There some of the Chinese social escort who are not attached to any escort agency. Though some of these girls you have to pay them more money. All you have to do to get these girls to please you is give them a call or walk down the streets at night to get them. There some of these escort girls that you can log in some websites and find them advertising their services. If you find an escort girl who you find attractive online you need to discuss with her what you want her to perform on you. This way you will avoid any inconveniences when you meet her. They are quite friendly and you will not feel insecure and they will be ready to serve. There some of the independent escort girls who are high class social escort. The price ranges from 400-800RMB per night.

Through online messengers

This will be suitable to you if are able to speak and type in Chinese. There are some of the Chinese online messages that you can request for a social escort. In these online messengers your ID will be used to connect you to the social escort who has the qualities that you are looking for. An example of these online messengers is QQ-Girls. The social escort will be the one to set up the date that the two of you will meet and the place that is suitable for you to link up. Through the online messenger you will be able to chat with the girls and you will get a chance to choose which one suits your needs. These girls are not available for any outcall but you can visit them at their shops anytime. Through this are your fantasies will be fulfilled and you will climax. The time will determine the price that you will pay for a short time you pay less money and when you want for an overnight you get to pay more.


The three ways discussed above are the major ways of getting a lay when you are in China. The ladies are quite fun to be around with. Next time you come to China for vacation try and the three ways to get pleasure.


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