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Escort Services

Filipino social escort services in Philippines are mostly provided by the escort agencies. They agencies provide you the escort services but for that you have to contact the agency and they will deliver the girl at your place. Most of the escort services are provided on the customer place but for some special escort the customer has to visit the escort place. After making payment the escort will be with you for the fixed time. You need to search for the independent escort agency because it will help you to save some extra cost that escort charges for their services. You can choose your escort as per your taste and categories of escort can be mature, blonde, brunette, VIP and busty etc. You need to negotiate for your escort agency and don’t negotiate with the escort and look for your budget and choose the one that suits as per your budget. You also need to make sure that she is the girl that is shown in the picture and you can demand for the girl you choose to the agency. It is very much possible that the name shown on the website is fake and you can check the name and photo on Google and check the reality of the girl name and photo. You can discuss them about the plan and the different possibilities that you have in your mind to the Filipino social escort agency.

Reason for hiring an escort

You must be clear with the reason of hiring a Filipino social escort. In general, young person takes a girl for outing and spend time with her and go for movie and after that for ice-cream and finally to a dinner but what happens most of the cases that girl said she just want to be your friend. This frustrates the person and he starts looking for an escort services because escort give you all the sexual pleasure you look in a girl. You can take her for outing, movie and dinner and finally you can have sex with her which is the ultimate goal of the person looking for escort service. So, this is the basic difference of selecting an escort service.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is the massage technique by a person to the erogenous zones to achieve their sexual excitement and sexual pleasure. Erotic massage was started as a medical treatment but these days it has become another type of making sex with your sex partner. In this massage the sexual parts of the male or female partner is touched to get the orgasm and sexual feeling. For men, the breasts and pubis is the exciting place for the male partner and for female, the male sex organs are the part of sexual excitement in the erotic massage. These days, there are various massage parlors in the Filipino and they provide massage facility and charge for it but you need to make inquiry for the time and the massage person yourself for avoiding any hassle afterwards.

Different Types of Escorts

If you want to spend one or two sessions with the Filipino social escort, you need to finalize the kind of escort you need in different sessions. There are wide varieties of escorts from which you can finalize the kind of escort you need. There are some of the escorts types mentioned below:

Material Girl: She will be a modern girl wearing jeweler and bags, looking for costly outing and gifts.

Niche Escort: Niche escort generally provides non mainstream services that most others will not.

Rebel: The rebellious escort is the one of chooses her own path of excitement with the customer.

Blue Collar Escort: This kind of escort will be more grounded and provide good customer services.

Convert Escort: She is the one who turned from prostitute career to the Escort Services.

Person who Select Escort Agency

There are two types of person who look for escort agencies and which are like tourists and business person. Tourists are person who are there to tour the country for fun and entertainment. Tourists look for escort services for extra fun and they are ready to pay much amount for their services. Most of the business of the escort agency runs on the tourist person and they give much pleasure and fun. Business person are those who are little tired of travelling and need escort services for their relaxation. Business person are those who look for high quality escort girl as money is not a big consideration for them.


Filipino Social escort is the way of making fun and entertainment to the customer and it give good payment to the escort instead of doing prostitution. You can choose your escort agency yourself but be careful about the charges and services they provide.

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