Japan, known as Nihon or Nippon (日本) in Japanese, is an island nation in East Asia. Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with high-rise-filled cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples. Tokyo, the crowded capital, is known for its neon skyscrapers and pop culture.

What are so unique and Mindboggling about Escorts in Japan?

Japan, the land of the rising sun, has always been a well constructed social society since the bygone days of Samurai and war clans. You will find the unique Japanese society far different from what a Westerner would expect and the tight closely knit community of customs and religion may even make you a stranger and unwanted. But not so because beneath the surface of the rigid conventional system lies a modern culture slowly beginning to stir and expand. You will find that among the various expression of freedom of choice you will find charming lady social escorts wearing kimono and holding the famed Japanese folding fans at your service.

Establishing worthy companionship

You are lucky to be in this century for you will find several websites offering unique companionship of Japanese females or call them escorts while you touch down at Tokyo. This is also a normal process of courtship and you will find that the past culture of Japan women entertainers are not a taboo in the society as you will find in geisha girls who are revered as women with immense qualities and great attracting power.

However, it is always better to go through the authentic channels for worthwhile, temporary courtship as this would enable you to have a good time in Japan and that without unnecessary risks. Hence, in order to hire a social escort in Japan and that of class qualities then you need to browse the Internet where they give the pictures of these women and the contact number.

There are several agencies that offer such services while you may also find one or more true beauties who entertain visitors or clients with their own websites.

Speak politely and express your desires

You ought to be well mannered in the first place for a Japanese beauty does not come in cheap. You will find that there is no brashness about them and that they are full of grace and permanently smiling with joy. They are also well adorned and their attire a class in itself. But within all these charm they mean real business and they also wish that their clients too would get the cue.

It would be advisable to take your time in locating the type of social escorts in Japan when you land at the airport. This would enable you to have some communication both via chat and directly over the phone to convey the exact nature of services you want the companion to do.

For instance, Japanese men love a good massage and most women are well versed in this and you too wouldn’t be disappointed as most social escorts in Japan know this art quite well. Your only lookout here would be to identify as to how far they are ready to go with this kind of massage.

Be clean and cultured like Japanese

Most Japanese men are clean and especially so their women and most of them look as if they are dressed like dolls. In all probabilities your social escort too would be well attired and you will have to be so too to give a good impression. In Japan cleanliness is by far from the Western look would seem too much by a wide margin.

You will find that most places are so clean that you would think whether any people step on them. When you go sightseeing you will find that most parts of Japan, the new and the ancient, quite surrealistic and give you the impression that they are something right from a dream. So, indeed would your own social escort would seem like although she may speak good English and guide you properly so that you feel fully relaxed.

You will find hardly much cheating in country that has not much anti-social elements or pestering crowd. This would give you enough time for the rare and artistic massage both for the whole body as well as your private parts. It would be better if you ask for the whole package so that you may budget for the same.

You may perhaps need to be as clean as possible so as not to be put off by your escort.

Payment preferences

You will find that social escorts in Japan are not as cheap as in other Asian countries. They may even charge you higher fees as they give high standard service at all occasions. You may find them well trained and think that they always keep up their elegance and courteousness right from the beginning you meet them till you depart.

They would surely indicate the mode of payment they would prefer including the necessities that they may have to purchase while they are on their job. You will find this quite easy as you will find that Japan is dotted with entertainments and while you are having great time with her she will also oblige you with some of the most exotic and enchanting love making in the bed.

Be thankful always

You must make sure to give them a good gift and this needn’t be cheap but affordable and within your budget if you are satisfied with their services. You may leave a good comment so that they get more of foreign clients to entertain. You may even find the same social escort in Japan when you go their on official tour. They may be able to play host to your business friend, but wouldn’t like to entertain on the bed like other escorts of Asian countries.

You hardly ever come across any negative reviews of the ladies from Japan and this is more because they are pretty fantastic while looking after all your other needs apart from intercourse. You may find them really intelligent when you want to travel to some far off locations and they would always remind you of the next lunch or tea breaks or for that matter even unnoticed things.

You will no doubt have a great holiday and be able to enjoy some of the lovely Japanese cuisines as well as continental dishes.

Common scams

In many of the sex bars and clubs in Japan prostitutes pretending to be regular women lure unassuming men generally tourists into buying expensive drinks like wine or champagne by kissing, dancing and even with the bait of intercourse. They split the money amongst themselves and the bar authorities.

Besides other incidents of spiked drinks are also common where one can get robbed and left unconscious.

How they operate

Patronizing the sex trade is a very common trend amongst the Japanese men to engage in pleasure. The anti-prostitution law of Japan bans the trade of only vaginal intercourse. Hence the sex trade establishments offer other forms of pleasures like blow jobs, hand jobs, mammary intercourse and even anal sex.

A very common practice is Japan is that of Enjo-kōsai which literally means “compensated dating”. It is prevalent in Japan from ancient times where older men would pay in cash or kind of expensive luxury gifts to attractive and relatively young women. It was done to gain their companionship that often ended in retuning the thanks with sexual favours.

Soapland brothels are the places where the customers are given baths followed by hand jobs and blow jobs, anal sex, body slides or sumata (a kind of stimulated intercourse where a girl rubs off the penis to jerk off). Since vaginal intercourse is banned so most of these establishments do not offer it on the menu but with the right price one can have them also.

The Tobita brothels often work in the similar way like the Amsterdam ones with beckoning girls on display in the windows of houses. An elderly woman owner of the house greets politely to the passer-by for attracting customers. They usually kneel beside the genkan (entryway).

Hookers or street walkers are also found in Japan and they offer services at cheaper rates than that of the clubs, massage parlours or brothels. These are usually Korean, Thai, and Chinese or Filipino girls.

Strip joints offer services that are of view only credits where scantily clad women offer you drinks, dance vigorously around pole bars and engage in light ‘talking’. Any kind of touching is not allowed over here.

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