Japanese Social Escort

Introduction to Japanese social escort

In japan, prostitution is illegal and it’s under the class penetrative sex. Therefore the social escorting businesses deal in servicing their customers by giving them pleasure. With a Japanese social escort you will get to enjoy their politeness and kindness. As a client you have to adhere to rules that have been set down. Lack of that you will not be welcomed to enjoy the benefits. Read on how to enjoy the Japanese night life.

Outcall services

There some of the shops that work past midnight and they will actually deliver the girl to your hotel room. This mainly applies to those people who are in business trips. The girls will do everything in their power to create a sexy mood and please their clients. There some of the hotels that are against social escorts and therefore in such cases the girls cannot be delivered.

Incall services

In Japan you can go make reservation of taking a girl or girls to hotels. All you have to do is make an Incall to the shop and request for a girl. You can meet up with the girl near the store or in a location that is well known that is If you do not want to go to the store. You can also go to the shop and take a girl and take her to your hotel room. The girls will please you with every bit of their body till you climax.

Soap land

In Japan soap land is also known as the King of the Sex industry. There some of the shops where there are bathrooms and they have very sexy girls in them too. The girls will use soap and lotion to have fun with you. The activities can be done in the bathtub or outside the bathtub. You have the freedom to choose which one you want. The cost will include the bathtub use charges and you have to pay the girl for the good work she has done.


SM stands for the sadism and masochism which is a type of a sexual play. There are two types of these plays where one you can go to the shop yourself or the girls can be delivered to where you are. In the shops some of the girls are in shirts written S, other M and other both S&M.  You can choose to partake in both or only choose to partake in one of the sexual plays. The difference between the sexual plays is that one is soft sex and the other is hard sex. In the shops some that can allow you to climax but there are others that you are not supposed to climax. It all depends with what you want and the girls are ready to serve it to you.

Massage parlor

There some of the massage parlors that offer the sexual feel when you are receiving the massage. This type of massage is also known as the fashion massage. It is involves a sexual services where sex is not involved but as the man you will reach climax using other methods. All this is done in a private room which has a sexy and pleasant mood.

Date club

There date associations in Japan that will help you to enjoy a normal date with a woman as if the two of you are lovers. You can subscribe to these dating sites and you will have to pay the admission fee and referral fee. You will also have to pay the transportation cost of the woman to where you want her to meet you. You will not have to pay any other amount as apart from the ones stated. The time you spend with the woman is limited. Which is about 3-4 hours and the woman need to leave.

Strip theatre

You can buy a ticket to see come of the Japanese girls stripping off and dancing provocatively. There are a number of theatres in the city. After the dance you may come and choose the girl that pleased you the most and have fun with her. The price depends on the type of girl you choose where she is new to the stripping arena or not.


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