Korea (Korean: 한국, 韓國 Hanguk), formally the Republic of Korea (대한민국, 大韓民國 Daehan Minguk) is a country in East Asia. South Korea occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, with North Korea to the north, China across the sea to the west and Japan a short ferry ride to the southeast.

Are you getting your best out of your escort in Korea?

Have you heard of a Korean beauty? Well, if you have seen some of those East Asian beauty contests then you will understand why the Korean beauty is so great. So the next time you wish to go to Korea which means South Korea then you will find some of the best social escorts there to guide you and entertain you. But they come at a price and you need to spot them properly from the myriads of others that range from cheap to expensive night entertainers. Korea has seen some of the rapidest growth prior to the economic crash and has a booming night life and classic looking females ready to entertain their guests for cash. However, if you are looking for a social escort during your official stay then you must first of all understand your own need and book one of them in advance.

Focusing on your requirements

When you book a social escort you ought to have a fair idea as to what you want. You will obviously find social escorts of a wide range in Korea and they have different ways of entertaining their guests. This means that their rates too depend upon the time taken for each session or whether the client needs a full day or night or several successive days during his stay in Korea.

Further, social escorts too have different wares to sell and not just sex. For instance, if you need an escort to be your companion even while you are at an official meeting or during a mini tour of the country then there are escorts well versed in the English language and have the requisite knowledge about the country and world at large.

If on the other hand you need a good companion who will be very understanding to your basic needs and enjoy simple outings with you then you ought to book an escort that have these qualities. You would need to carefully browse through the Internet for any of the special requirement you would like your escorts to have.

Choosing a good companion

You will be able to get the right type of escorts if you take a few hours to chat with one or a few of them. You may begin by asking as to what their name is and you will naturally get a sweet reply and the name that is in all possibility a fake one. Obviously, escorts are more discreet in answering their personal details while they expect their clients to divulge more of theirs. This is part of the trade secret inherent in escorting business that is always at its lucrative best in Korea.

So, as a client your first step to establish a good rapport would be to talk to the female having her own website or through an established agency. In all the case you needn’t fall head over heal on the picture of the damsel as in most cases they are fake too. However, you may be assured of the fact that you wouldn’t be disappointed if you are ready to pay the money they ask.

Then surely comes your own part of asking as to what is the nature of service that they intend to give when you land in the airport at Korea. Here, you will get a nod for most of the available services, but you need to be choosy so that you get what you require. After zeroing on to one of the escorts you may send her a gift or an advance that is only something to be remembered for.

When all ambiguity is cleared you will find your damsel waiting for you at the scheduled airport with a bouquet of flowers.

Preparing for your sessions

You will not begin your session immediately if you have arrived at night, but rather have smooth conversation in the beginning and then take bath to keep yourself clean. You may then take a quiet dinner together before switching off the TV of your hotel room and retiring for the night.

In some cases clients need a little massage and this is possible only if you have cleared the details right at the beginning. For instance, most of the girls state that they know everything at the outset so as not to lose their clients. Yet only a tenth of them know about massage or other specialized services.

Hence, it is always better to get the matter cleared right at the beginning before you book your social escort in Korea.

Choice of place

If you have problems to get accommodation in a good hotel then you may be accommodated by your escort at places known to her quite well. Here, you are at liberty to do whatever you both feel like doing. In some cases you would need to pay for these extra services or for the accommodation and hence it will be worthwhile to make a budget before traveling to Korea to meet your escort.

Again, when you are not in your bed you would be traveling and seeing some of the beautiful tourist spots of the country. Here, your companion would offer her expertise and show you around as you enjoy the day and night with ease and happiness.

Keeping positive manners

Even when you have a willing companion with extra specialty you ought to keep your own attitude under check. This means that there should be no sudden action or outright hastiness in either your bedroom fun or outdoors. Any indecency on your part would prove to be quite bad as you may get into bad books of your Korean escort beauty.

In case you wish to have a change then you may contact the agency and they will readily change your escort. This usually happens when the clients extend their holidays or official tour or when they get too bored. In case of individual escorts you may talk to her and in most cases they too contact one of their colleagues and make the switch seem very smooth.

Common scams

The most common scams that are reported in the sex trade of South Korea are cheating whores who would either render half service or no service at all for a hefty sum of money along with stealing the customers’ valuables and vanishing from the scene of crime. They often perform in a racket and the scammed earning is divided amongst the members.

In some cases of Barbershops that provide jerk-off services, instead of women the male owners give you the hand jobs so that one ejaculates without the knowledge that it was not the woman he had paid for the service

How they operate

Most of the prostitutes in South Korea operate via the means of advertisement. They advertise themselves in well decorated shop windows of the red light districts. These shops can be distinguished from the regular ones by the way they are lighted in electric red and pink to grab the attention of any passer-by. Another way of advertisement is that of the business cards being stuck underneath the car windshields with the scantily clad pictures and contacts of the sex workers or their managers. Other forms of advertising include big balloons floating in the skies with provocatively dressed women offering “special massages”. The barbershops with poles are symbols that these shops offer sexual services instead of haircuts.

The various ways of their operation are as follows:

  • Whiskey Bars: The girls or the waitresses of these bars are technically not prostitutes because they are there to offer drinks only to the customers without any sexual favours. At maximum they would sit by and let you touch their breasts over their tops. Any of intercourse should not be expected from them.
  • Kiss Rooms: Another form of non-sexual encounters is found here. The girls are usually students in need for ready money. They would give you accompaniment along with some kissing, snuggling and tits touching only. Any kind of genital contact is strictly prohibited.
  • Barber Shops: These establishments are run by men or older women. There are two kinds of barber shops; one providing only ejaculation services either by blow job or hand job and the others provide full-fledged intercourse. The jerk-off barbershops have different set of girls- one to turn you on and another to jerk you off.
  • Window Shops: The window shop girls are very indifferent ones with no effort to satisfy the customers because they do dozens of men per night and are always in a hurry to finish off and start with the next.
  • Blowjob Joints: These places offer you a girl who would blow you while one fondles with their boobs.
  • DaeDdal Rooms: DaeDdal is often used instead of daeshin ddalddali which literally means ‘masturbation by proxy’. These places provide various kinds of services, like regular hand jobs and blow jobs without any touching, sometimes the girl will lick your whole body inclusive of your ass, they will also give you body slides. The skilled girls would stimulate you with cowgirl positions but would wrap her palm around the penis and let you jerk off. They do not provide any kind of intercourse services.
  • Massage Parlors: They are the updated versions of DD Rooms which would provide you with the pleasure of sex with the girl. When done a blind guy would give you a massage to end off. They also offer you safety against police raid.
  • Officetel: The sex workers usually work with the help of websites. They set up studio apartments as their own home and invite in the customers. Usually they pep talk up the customers before having sex giving a girlfriend like experience. The quality of services is usually good and they are patient since repetition of customers would mean more money.
  • Delivery: These are the girls who would offer sexual services in your hotel rooms. These prostitutes have tie ups with the hotel owners to thrive their business.
  • Norebangs: They are the places who would give party girls on hire. They would accompany a group, sing, and dance have party followed by sex in some motel of the customer’s choice. If sex is out of the plate, then rates go cheaper.
  • Room Salons: These are the party places which would give place to party, the party girls as well as the private rooms for having sex. The quality of service is good as the girls are beautiful and do not have more than 4 customers in a night.
  • Full Salons: These places are similar to room salons but operate in high volume of customers are girls. They are a cheaper option as well. The usual duration is one hour for party and thirty minutes for sex. However, the girls are always in a hurry to finish because they have to entertain at least 10 customers in a night.

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    • Can I book in singapore and what is the charges like for overnight

    • There are various agencies in Singapore offering such services and their fees ranging from S$450 to S$2000 for a overnight session depending on the quality of the escort. Thai, Filipino and Chinese escort usually are cost lower as compared to Singaporean escort.

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