Singapore (新加坡) is a city-state in Southeast Asia. Combining the skyscrapers and subways of a modern, affluent city with a medley of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences and a tropical climate, with tasty food, good shopping and a vibrant night-life scene, this Garden City makes a great stopover or springboard into the region.

Have you ever been in need of social escorts in Singapore?

If you have asked this question before to yourselves then you may have replied in the negative. This is because escort services in Singapore are not as flashy as in many other parts of the world. You need to be a little focused and do your web browsing carefully and you will get the best kind of escorts for your short or long stay at Singapore. The best part of Singaporean social girls is that they are class and definitely not cheap and they have a style all of their own. Unlike the prostitutes, the social escorts are professional entertainers and may become your friend and guide while you are staying at Singapore. They like people who are courteous and are able to admire the good qualities they have.

Different social groups

You will find social escorts in Singapore coming from different social groups like the Chinese, Thai, and Malaysians and so on and they are strictly on business and most of them have their own website. If you wish to have a social escort upon your arrival at Singapore then you may browse the websites so that they would be there to receive you with flowers.

You will need to book in advance if you want to avoid any disappointments. Most social escorts are much sought after and they charge slightly higher rates. This may vary according to the country of their origin. It is not uncommon for businessmen flying to Singapore for a day or two to have a social partner. Many of them are proficient in English and some may also speak in the language of the country of their origin.

Singapore is surely more expensive than the other Asian countries and therefore you need to have more money while you are on tour here as well as having your own beautiful female companion. However, it is worth it as you will enjoy every bit of the city with your female escort at your side.

First cash then business

You may have to identify your escort before you get down to actual business of escorting. For instance, once you have identified the type of escort you wish to have you would need to calmly ask her about her payment. This comes first and therefore it is always advisable that you make your agreement right there and then while contacting her.

The payment terms can be finalized before you leave your own domestic country. Once, this is settled you may go for a unique and exotic experience with your social escorts in Singapore. Beware, of handing over cash at the outset although you may pay some money in advance to make your case valid.

Again, many social escorts are ready to accept cash or check and some even credit card. Remember, due to the risks involved in this kind of entertainment, your social escort would surely have someone identify you and get some details. This is because all clients may not be outright honest as you would and hence this extra precautions.

Arranging your meeting and time

You may arrange your meeting with your escort by telephone and it is to be noted that you may have to upload your genuine photograph online. Further, you may have to answer some personal question as this is part of their trade. No social escorts would like to be cheated and they would like to have their time well spent as much as you would. In case of any delay it is your responsibility to inform her in advance so that if you skip a day or two due to some unforeseen circumstances in your own domestic country then the female escort may book someone else and needn’t lose her earnings.

Again she wouldn’t mind if you were to cut down your holidays or official tour by a day or two. It is of course your wish whether to pay her something extra although most clients do.

Extra services

Many of the social escorts in Singapore give their clients the best of service not available elsewhere. Most of them however are good guides and would surely take you around the great city and its many charming evening hot spots. Some of the female social escorts in Singapore offer great entertainments and this may be in the form of massages.

You need to talk over with your female escort in advance if you need a massage that can be anything from a simple massage, erotic massage, body to body massage and other forms of massage where intercourse happens in the end. Naturally, for these kinds of services you may have to pay more. In the end this is nothing compared to the excitement and oneness that you would experience.

You may also get female escorts having good educational background and would readily help you act as your temporary secretary while you are in a conference or official meetings or wish to go to a karaoke to dance. Many of them are part time social escorts and wish to enjoy and earn some extra money.

Keep good manners

You must never think that your social escort is like your slave. This is the biggest mistake some clients make and they end up in trouble and even roughed up by men who appear when an alarm is raised. You should understand that your social partner is also a good human and would do anything to make your stay comfortable.

You will have to give her a gift of flowers or something that is attractive yet not expensive so that she would be pleased to have you with her. Be gentle with her and you will find her beaming and waiting the next time you make another visit to Singapore. Social escorts are above the class of cheap entertainers and therefore you need to keep them in good humor.

Many of the social escorts are coming from well to do background and they do it only for fun although they would like to earn as well. If you made them love you then your Singapore days would be truly fantastic.

Common scams

The transsexuals who operate in almost all of the red light districts often lure customers for a price of S$30 offering a full service but end up giving only “ice-cream” which means blow jobs.

While renting a room in a hotel for the whole night there are incidences that belongings of the customers also vanished along with the prostitutes in the morning.

This whole sex industry in Singapore cannot guarantee the quality of the service for the money offered. There have been many instances where the customers were beaten up for complaining about the quality of the services that the brothels provided.

How they operate

The modus operandi of the sex workers vary according to the region where they are working as well as with the nature of establishments they work for.

In the Geylang red light district of Singapore the pimps approach the passer-by to have a single look of the available girls inside the hotel rooms charging similar to that of the massage parlours. Sometimes street hookers are also available where one can strike a small deal. The brothels of the area are identified by large bright neon signs as opposed to the humble “private residences” posts for the residential houses. The operating hours are usually from 12:30 in the afternoon till midnight. The best time to visit is in between 1pm to 3pm in the afternoon to get a quality and clean service. The standard duration of a session is 45 minutes where if a customer has pre-mature ejaculation the girl might give another shot again if his behaviour towards her is decent.

The Pertain Road houses almost 30 brothels in total each having almost 20 cubicles per floor. Some of the houses are also double storied. There are no pimps available in this area since the ladies themselves rent the rooms. The rooms come with a small bed and sometimes attached showers. The working hours are in between 11 in the morning to 8 in the evening. Most of the workers here are either Malaysian or Chinese.

The prostitutes in the brothels of the Desker Road and Powell road are usually the licensed ones ranging from the age of late 30s to 50s with an occasional glimpse of transvestites. The nature of service to the customers in agreement is not good at all often taking place in a small and unhygienic cramped space. The brothels operate from 12 at noon till 8 at night.

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