Social Escort Definition

Social escort definition

General overview

After conducting some extensive research and development regarding social escorts, we have finally managed to break the ice. This segment is solely dedicated to that. So those who are eagerly willing to gain some knowledge about this special class of escort services, simply read this guide thoroughly.

What are social escorts?

In the simplest term, a social escort is a woman who provides companionship to the people hiring them and in exchange of that they are presented with a hand full of cash or a signed check with a high amount. The thing to note here is that they are different from prostitutes or call girls or escorts who are solely meant for satisfying the sexual needs of their customers and for their service they are given some monetary compensation.

There are many who confuse social escort with prostitutes or brothel workers. But this is a very wrong notion. They are not associated with any brothel and neither are they seen standing on the sidelines of any red light area street waiting for someone to pick them up for some, body-rubbing fun. Rather, they are very confidential about the information they share and do not display their occupation to the general public. Their jobs are kept a complete secret by the social escort agencies who they are associated with.

Social escorts promote their pictures on their agency website and also share their abilities, their nationality as well as their specialties. When one visits a social escort agency, they will find a model index which will display all their models which they have in their arsenal. Their rates will be mentioned alongside their picture and hence, depending on what a person likes, they can choose one without any issues. Another important thing about these social escorts is that they are completely legal as per the regulations laid down by different countries.

Their exclusivity

There are many people tired of catering to the regular dating modes. They have tried all kinds of dating genres such as blind dating, casual dating as well as meeting up with people who they have been hooked up, courtesy their friends or close acquaintances- but all they have experienced is frustration and disappointment. This is why so many people are into dating social escorts as they want to avoid all the complications which are associated with ‘normal’ dating. They do not have to undergo any kinds of emotional pain and neither do they have to carry the unwanted emotional baggage of their partners. These social escorts are trained efficiently and hence when they are sent out to their clients; they are already ready for interaction and companionship. Sex is definitely something which they offer as a part of their service, but it is secondary as the first importance is given to camaraderie.

Their looks and the way they present themselves

Regarding the nature of these social escorts, they are very intelligent, are fun loving and know all the proper manners and ways to interact with their clients as well as the people whom they are introduced to. They are also quite graceful in their appearance, and the best thing is that they appear the way they want to in front of their clients. When they are hired, clients can select their hair color, their height as well as their dressing sense. So one can also say that when they meet up with the person whom they are meant to accompany, their clients are already impressed as they appear exactly the way they want to. These social escort girls are also super intelligent and are well versed in speaking different languages just so that no communication gap takes place. It is totally obvious that they are super hot in the way they present themselves, and their grace and charm will definitely bowl their clients over but leave the rest gathered in complete awe of their beauty.

Their job profile

Social escorts have an interesting job profile. They are the perfect companions to hang out with. They in many ways are like girlfriends except for the fact that they are minus all the complications. They are unrestrained and will behave as well as enjoy the way they are expected to. Usually, they are meant for people like renowned socialites or some business tycoon and hence their rates are also set accordingly. They are extremely versatile; knowing how to behave in different situations and for that praises have to be given to the agencies who have groomed them in such a refined manner.

They will accompany you to your business meeting or a social event involving some of your close acquaintances. They can also accompany their clients for some holiday, and also fill up the emptiness which their clients have experienced for so many years. These escort girls are also extremely considerate and hence will treat their clients the way they have always wanted. For a special night, they are also trained in different erotic techniques to make their clients experience pleasure equivalent to seventh heaven.

According to the researches, it has been found that in countries such as Dubai as well as Singapore, these social escorts also provide their clients erotic and steamy body massages. These chicks are either partially or wholly naked and using some healthy oil and their soft and nimble fingers, they will tend to the physical pain of their clients. They will also use their warm and soft bodies to massage their clients. They will also accompany them when they bathe, have sex with them as per the set number of times and suffice all their intimate needs in the best possible manner.

Their modes of hiring as well as their tenure of service

Their tenure

Social escorts offer companionship without the hassles. It is a no strings attached kind of deal; which is as flexible as their job. They charge on an hourly basis, but if someone wants to spend several days and even weeks, then these escort girls are ready to tango with them only if they are paid properly for that.

Their hiring process

In order to make an appointment clients have to visit an agency’s official website and fill in their booking form. Another way is, directly calling the agency, courtesy their contact details and finalize their booking. All types of payment modes are usually acceptable- cash, check as well as credit or debit cards.

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