Social Escort Job Description

Social escort job description

Social escorts have created a craze in this modern world and hence, most high profile socialites who are so engrossed with their work that they prefer choosing a social escort to date with rather than a girlfriend. Reason – they say that it is less complicated, the agencies who hook them up with their selected girls do most of the work, from presenting the best girls to presenting them to the clients the way they want it. The emotional pain and issues which are associated with relationships are also not present. This makes it extremely convenient for people in every way they look at it.

Social escorts have a unique job description. Imagine you being a beautiful girl who gets paid for being with a rich guy, accompanying him to a movie or social as well as corporate events. It is amazing, isn’t it? Well, this is the life, social escorts have. They will prove to compatible in every possible manner and formulate a companionship just the way their clients ask them to. There are no strings attached and neither are there any emotional bindings associated. Their job requires them to be flexible and serve their clients in whatever way they want to.

Social escort girls are extremely beautiful and are well trained with all the various mannerisms as well as habits which make them appear as society appropriate ladies. They are not meant for the general public and are usually appointed by high profile people as well as highly successful businessmen. Their rates, quite obviously, will be quite high.

Some salient features of their job

Below are some of the salient features which will address the nature of their job. Those interested in finding out just follow the points carefully.

  • The first thing which all social escorts thrive to achieve is customer satisfaction. Yes folks, this is one of the most important criteria which they have to follow. The agencies that have reputation always take pride in their services and always aim at attaining 100% client contentment.
  • The second thing in the profession of a social escort is living up the needs of their clients. This is not just in the case of being and accompanying their clients to the places they go. In fact their job requires them to be their client’s complete partner in whatever they do but without pestering their minds. The relation they share with them will be a casual one, but it will incorporate all the traits which their clients look for in a normal relationship with their girlfriends.
  • Their duties are to make their clients feel proud of them. Whenever their man introduces their social escort partners to their several business partners or close acquaintances or for that matter their boss, they will not have thoughts at the back of their mind that their partner will fumble in speech or look out of place. In fact, with they will be completely pleased and also will also be extremely high on confidence; the reason being that these social escorts are trained in superb fashion and they are also well versed with different linguistic prowess. They are also very polite and fun loving people and with mannerisms equivalent to any high society woman, they will definitely make a formidable impression upon the people present.
  • One of the main things about a social escort is to appear exactly the way their clients want them to. When they are hired, the agencies who are running this operation allow clients to personalize their choices and preferences such as their hair color, the dress which they will be wearing, the amount of skin show that they want, the color of the dress and also the exact height. These agencies are like a buffet system where people can select the kind of girl they want to take or mingle with.
  • Though the main role of a social escort is companionship, just like all relationships between a man and a woman, sex is also an active part. Their job requires these girls to be extremely seductive and appealing to the clients. They should have well toned bodies, perfect hooters as well as clean shaven pussies. Some agencies also provide their clients with girls who are adept at providing other services such as body massages or fetish or kinky role play, thereby making their client’s nights all the more erotic and sex-citing. They are superb, both at regular sex as well as erotic fantasies and will suffice their partner in the best possible manner. They will use their ever-so-fuckable bodies to turn their clients on and make them experience a mind bashing orgasm. Sometimes erotic massages are also provided using some herbal skin oil as well as their soft bodies. They will rub it against their client’s and focus on the sore areas to provide relief. In simple words, they along with filling up their emotional gap, will also suffice the intimate needs of their clients in the best way.
  • Some of these social escorts, as per their job description, will also accompany their clients on sight-seeing tours. They may also help their clients select the place for their vacation and on their request will also manage all the transportation, flight, restaurants as well as accommodations.

Hence social escorts are the right option for people who are not into dating or serious relationships. A social escort will become whatever their clients want them to. Their job requires them to be mentally ready for a potentially lame day, a part time lover, a sex companion, a friend who will spend all night at the night club as well as a gorgeous corporate assistant who will go along side their clients to any given meeting or event. They will never complain where they are taken and for how long they are taken and will always greet the people whom they are introduced with respect in their eyes and a smile on their face.

Just one thing which these social escort agencies ask of their clients is to treat their girls with respect and love and only then will they be able to do their job in the best possible manner.

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