Social Escort vs Call Girl

Social escort vs call girl

As a matter of fact, there are many people who think that a social escort and a call girl are pretty much the same thing. This notion of theirs is very wrong. Both of them provide satisfaction to one’s physical needs, but the way they go about doing it is very different. So on that basis, we are going to discuss the differences between a social escort and a call girl.

Social escort

First things first, a social escort is defined as one who provides companionship to their clients in exchange for some cash. They are gorgeous and are well trained in the art of taking their clients to the edge of their limits. They are very smart, exquisite and also very fun loving people. The social escorts agencies make sure that the girls which they send out to their clients are well trained and are extremely polite in their mannerisms. They are also versed in different languages just to ensure  that when they are with their clients, no such communication gap takes place.

Social escorts are hired to partner with people physically and psychologically as they not only fulfill their client’s sexual desires but also are their perfect accompanying partners. Their rates are fixed per hour, but if some client wants these girls to spend several days or weeks with them, then they are ready to oblige only if they are paid handsomely for it. These social escorts are also known for providing lots of other facilities beyond just sex. Some of these girls are also masters of body massages and based on the requirements of their clients; they are ready to serve them. Most of their massaging sessions are provided naked and then, sex follows.

One unique thing about these social escorts is that they rarely display their work in public, and they do not work for any sex institution as well as some brothel.  Escort agencies appoint them, and all their operations are carried out very quietly and secretly. Hiring them involves some rules and regulations. Firstly, the client has to log into a social escort forum and select the girl whom he wants to be with. All the rates will be given alongside the name of the babe and after he has made up his mind, he will have to fill up an online form or call directly to the escort agency to fulfill his requirements.

It is interesting to know that it is absolutely legal to work as a social escort worker and the payments are superb as well. Social escorts usually promote their business by loading up their own pictures, their specialties, as well as their rates and contact details to the different pages of the agency website. The payment is usually carried out using the check mode or credit card payment mode. They are different from regular escorts, and here sex is not the primary thing here. They are sent out to fulfill the emptiness which many people go through without a partner. These social escort chicks suffice their longing for a partner, and that is why so many people prefer girls from such agencies.

Call girls

On the other hand, a call girl is a sex worker or a regular escort who works as a prostitute either through some sex agency or a brothel or independently. Sometimes they are appointed by an escort agency and sometimes a pimp runs their operation. Clients who want to be with such call girls have to make an appointment with the agency of the pimp handling them and after all the selection steps are complete, they send out their girls to their selected place. Call girls are known to provide incall facilities when their clients come to them as well as outcall services when these girls have to go to their customer’s selected place. These call girls promote their trade in some newspapers, magazines or on the internet. They display their contact details of their agency or the pimp handling them and on contacting the number, clients can avail their services. Almost everywhere, you will find agencies who run this operation. The girls they pick up are not just from one particular region. They go beyond boundaries and bring girls from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and also from the other parts of Asia. These girls are superb in their looks department. Plus, add to that their ineffable body and capabilities that will leave you awe-struck.

Apart from hardcore sex, these girls also will massage their clients’ bodies, take baths with them and accompany them in every possible manner. The most common place to find such call girls is over the internet. There are plenty of agencies who are known to provide high-class call girls to their clients. They display all their chicks in proper thumbnail fashion, and all their specialties, their figure, and their rates are also clearly given. The rates of these call girls are much less than the social escorts and will also differ from babe to babe and for selecting the one which appeal to you, all you have to do is make a call to the agency and hire them to your place. You will be happy to know their database of girls are regularly updated, so that every time you enter into their portal, you will get fresh faces to enjoy. From MILF, to cougars, from red heads to tattooed chicks, from BBW to curvaceous women, you will get a multitude of options to cater to your needs.

Also, another thing to note here is that most countries of the world have stated that it is legal to work as a call girl.


That brings us to the close of our segment, which gave you insights about a social escort and a call girl. Though they are very much alike, social escorts are meant for the higher society companion seekers, where as call girls can be hired by the general folks. However, social escorts are more like your regular partners while call girls are not so much. You just cannot date a call girl while you can definitely date a social escort, even let her accompany you to business meets, social events, and even to your holidays.

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