Thai Social Escort

Introduction to Thai social escort

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand though there are many sexual workers in the country. The authorities do not take any legal action against them regardless of them knowing about their activities. Plus there some of the people in authority they get to get extra cash from the hookers as a result of bribe. The following is a list of social escorts in Thai.

Thai bar girls

These girls are in the bar and they wear a uniform that is labeled Go-Go or a number but it does not have the name of the girl. These girls are engage in specific activities while in the bar. They do not dance but you will mainly find them near the pool table. They are cheaper than the actual Go-Go  girls. The price depends on your negotiation skills.

Thai bar/ club freelance girls

There some of the hookers who prefer to go hang out in the club and it is quite hard to know whether she is there for a nice time or working. Their dressing can give you a heads up since they dress to show what they are selling. A benefit of meeting with such a social escort is that you will not be charged a bar fine. The price of such girls depends on the type of bar that you are hanging out in. if it is an upscale bar the higher the price will be.

Thai street freelancing girls

Some of the girls love being independent and work for themselves and you will find them in the streets. When you work down some of the streets at night such as Sukhumvit road from the 21 terminal mall to Sukhumvit Soi 4 any time at night you will meet with many sex workers. They will even call you when they notice you want their services. The prices of street hookers have really increased with time and the least price you can have is 1000 Baht for a short period of time.

Thai massage girls

Most massage parlors in Thailand they offer extra services to their customers. This you have a chance to choose the masseuse and you go be given a massage and extra services. The Thai massage prices depends on a number of factors such as the type of massage you had, the massage oil that was used on you and the type of additional services you were given. The additional services are hand job, blowjob and sex.

Thai soapy massage girls

Thai soapy massage girl is not any masseuse you get in a massage parlor. They are mainly white models who are stunning and they give you happy ending massage. The price you pay depends in the time you spend with the model. All over Thailand the price is standard per time. Currently the price is 1500-2500 Baht for one hour and thirty minutes.

Thai girls on online dating sites

You can get a Thai girl from dating sites at no extra cost. Most of the girls you will get on the online dating sites they are not in it for money but for fun. In the same group of online girls you will find some who are in it for money. Most of those who are in the dating sites for money they are mainly university students who want to meet some of their needs and they do not have a part time job. Such girls they are called the sideline girls most of them you have to pay them every month and you can call them anytime you want and do all you want with them. Their price is negotiable depending on the girl and your negotiation skills. The price ranges mainly 3000-5000 Baht in  a month.

Thai social escort girls

You can get a Thai social girl from an online websites. The girls put recent pictures of themselves in the website and you have the freedom to choose which one pleases you. They are quite open on their terms and there are very less chances of you getting into a misunderstanding with them. These girls charge according to the time you want to spend with them the more time you spend with them the more charges you will have to pay. If you want extra benefits such an A-level the charge level will be much higher.

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