Vietnamese Social Escort

Characteristics of Vietnamese social escort

Vietnamese social escort are more sophisticated, typically very shy, and physically very feminine. They are raised to serve their man and be obedient to him. Ultimately they look for marriage to a foreigner for a better life.

Vietnamese social escorts are strong and tend to be much more petite and feminine than the majority of westernized ladies. A typical Asian upbringing engenders its women with the importance of manners and respect for others. These girls in Vietnam are prettier than Thai and Filipino. The reason that the women in Vietnam look so beautiful is that they make a special effort to look good. They take pride in their appearance and enjoy looking their best.

Language they speak

Initially, Vietnamese social escorts used to use their mother language. However, since the year 2000, Vietnamese social escorts have been taking English classes to improve their chances with their clients.

Food Vietnamese social escort love/avoid

Most of the Vietnamese social escort show an inclination towards the traditional Vietnamese dishes. The common ingredients that they enjoy in their diet include fish sauce, shrimp paste, rice, herbs and fruits. The vegetables are often mixed with sauces. They mainly avoid foods containing excess oil. Apart from that these girls are also interested in food items that are available in the country they reside. They also like to have meet and sea fishes. However, currently with wide varieties of global customers, these girls go for global foods, as well.

In order to gift something to gain favours of these Vietnamese girls, there are plenty of gift options. They love their culture and tradition. A gift of snake wine or conical hat are great options. Apart from that, Vietnamese girls also love tea and fresh herbs. Anything related to these items can turn out to be wonderful gift option.

Taboo Conversation topics or actions

Vietnamese escorts give lots of emphasis on how you address them. They do not like to discuss their problems or about their life. More specifically, they like to avoid any discussion on Vietnam War. There are no barriers, as such regarding the sexual position, but they are very polite, and they expect clients to speak softly with them.

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