Why Men Choose Social Escort Over a Girlfriend?

There are many reasons why men choose social escort over a girlfriend. For the first thing, when you contact a social escort, she will never require a traditional way that you usually use to woo girl. Sometime, a guy makes pretence with a girl that he just needs a pure love from her and want to hold her in his arm. However, with an social escort you can get what you ask for.

Social escorts are perfect choice for those who are not looking for a girlfriend. A social escort is able to be whoever you want her to be. She will be a mental remedy for boring day, a temporary lover, and able to spend whole night in a club or be a friendly beautiful assistant accompanying you to event with all your business partners. Instead of embarrassing you along the day, she knows how to be polite and respectful to whomever you introduce her to; and if you would rather stay in hotel, certainly, she will not complain why you never take her to anywhere.

Men choose a social escort for their needs, or they feel tired of trying to get a date, sometimes, they don’t want to waste time in the trouble of having a real girlfriend. Having a girlfriend means you have to check in with her every time you want go out with guys. It is not only that, you also have to buy her candy, teddy, flowers, and take her to dinner without even knowing her intention if she will let you wait for the discreet fun or give you any at all ever. Having a girlfriend means she will control and tell you what you are allowed to do, fail at any time, disappoint her in any way, and it is over for you! Then you have got nothing and money you have spent just making this all happen.

You are free man who thinks and does as he pleases. You don’t have to ingratiate girlfriend’s parents and pretend to be overjoyed at her best friend’s baby. You don’t have to go out at midnight just to buy her McFlurry, trying to impress her for a second date. All you have to do is be yourself enjoy her company.

Choosing an social escort for dating is a good way? It is not like dating with girlfriends, by choosing to date with an escort it is a guaranteed thing. She will not get all sappy eyed at you after discreet fun, she will say thank you, grab your donation and go. Now don’t get me wrong, although discreet fun is an excellent part of dating with a social escort, it isn’t the only part. The woman always is what you ask for. She has hair colour you like, the body shape and charming face you prefer and all the personality you could desire. An escort will shine beside you and, if you treat her nice, she can become a special friend who is willing to be with you in another night when you come back to her town. She won’t ask you taking her to a restaurant for diner or start picking out wedding dresses. A social escort is a guaranteed thing; a suitable woman for the needs of any day and night while a girlfriend is too complicated to handle.

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